Diversity & Grants now in focus on website

CLUBS looking for opportunities to apply for financial grants or find information to be more inclusive will need to look no further than the AFL North Coast website to find out what’s available.

The drop down menu under the Club Admin tab now has a new feature – Facility Grant Opportunities

Clicking on this menu item will link to a page with a list of grant opportunities that outlines a grant program’s name, the amount that can be applied for, information about the grant and links to further information.

The list of grant opportunities will be updated every four to six weeks to ensure clubs have the latest information regarding current and upcoming grants that can be applied for.

Diversity & Inclusion has been added as an entirely new tab on the website.

Clicking on this tab will result in a drop down menu appearing offering information on First Nations & Cultural Diversity, Disability Inclusion, International and the AFL’s Gender Diversity Policy.