New age groups for girls in 2024

There will be a third Youth Girls age group in the AFL North Coast in 2024. Photo: Nicole Press


A THIRD Youth Girls age group is being introduced in 2024.

Junior Girls will now be able to play in a Youth Girls 13s, Youth Girls 15s and/or Youth Girls 17s age group next year.

This is an increase on the Youth Girls 14s and Youth Girls 17s age groups that have been played in 2022 and 2023.

Brad Greenshields, Community Football and Competition Manager, said the move is in recognition of the amazing growth the AFL North Coast has enjoyed since a Youth Girls 17s age group was first introduced in 2017.

“The numbers have continued to grow each year and 2023 saw 230 girls born between 2006 and 2013 register to play in the AFL North Coast,” Greenshields said.

“The addition of a third age group will see this number grow further next year and into the future.”


What the new, younger age group also introduces is a clear pathway where girls can now play all of their competitive football from their first taste of it all the way up to the Senior Women’s competition against just girls.

There’s now no longer the need for girls to play a year of competitive football against boys in a mixed competition. A situation Northern NSW Development Lead Matt Crawley agrees with.

“Girls are flocking to footy across the region,” Crawley said.

“Many want to play in girls only competitions which is completely understandable, so we know that starting this Under 13 age group will see the next wave of new participants into the sport.”

The 2023 Youth Girls 17s Grand Final was played between Bellingen and Nambucca Valley. Photo: Brad Greenshields
The 2023 Youth Girls 14s Grand Final was played between Northern Beaches and Coffs Breakers. Photo: Brad Greenshields