Don’t forget to ask R U OK?

With social distancing restrictions set to ease tomorrow this represents a great chance to not only catch up with friends and family, but also to reach out to club mates and ask R U OK?

R U OK? is the mental health partner of AFL NSW/ACT with the two organisations working together to highlight the need to support and connect with anyone struggling with their mental health. R U OK? want to create a world where we are all connected and are protected from suicide by encouraging people to reach out and ask, “Are you OK?”.

Whilst necessary to protect the health of communities, social distancing has left some people feeling isolated from friends and families. Add to this the stress around job security, health, and finances and people within our clubs may just need the chance to talk to a mate about what’s going on in their lives.

Start a conversation with these four simple steps:
  1. Ask R U OK?
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in

For more information on how to start a conversation and support people who are struggling please go to the R U OK? website.