Women’s AFL coming to a town near you!

Australia’s fastest growing female sport is coming to towns across the North Coast with a series of AFL come and try sessions planned between October and December.

Just like the rest of the nation, North Coast Women and Girls have flocked to AFL with fantastic attendances at similar sessions earlier in the year. A four team Youth Girls competition started this season with over 100 registered players, and with 65 Women having played in exhibition matches in 2017 plans are afoot to start a North Coast Women’s competition in 2018.

Matt Crawley, Northern NSW Development Manager said that the response had been overwhelming. “Every time we’ve run a session we’ve had new ladies come and join in and we get new people contact us regularly so these sessions will give more women and girls the chance to try the sport. We’re also branching out into new areas in Kempsey and Taree so this will make the sport much more accessible to people in those areas.”

Sessions are being run by female development staff and are non-contact. Not only will people have the chance to learn the skills of the sport it’s also a great chance to keep fit over summer with the physical demands of footy including running and jumping.

Skills learnt in sports such as Netball, Basketball, and other football codes are highly transferable. Any female aged 13 or older is welcome to join in with no previous experience necessary.

For more information go to the North Coast Women’s AFL Facebook page or call the Northern NSW office on 6659 6000.



Tuesday 17 October

Thursday 2 November

Tuesday 28 November

Port Macquarie:

Saturday 21 October

Wednesday 15 November

Thursday 14 December


Monday 23 October

Tuesday 14 November

Wednesday 6 December

Coffs Harbour:

Wednesday 1 November

Monday 20 November

Thursday 7 December

Saturday 16 December


Monday 6 November

Saturday 18 November

Tuesday 12 December