Lions and Blues kids get a run

Auskickers from Nambucca Valley and Northern Beaches enjoy playing at E.J Biffin Playing Fields on Sunday. Photo: Northern Beaches Facebook page

THE E.J Biffin Playing Fields were an oasis of football activity on Sunday surrounded by a sea of closed grounds across the North Coast.

In further evidence of what can be achieved when clubs work together, the junior matches between Nambucca Valley and Northern Beaches were table to be played when all other matches across the weekend were washed out after a series of ground closures.

The Auskickers from the two clubs also got to have their fix of footy fun.

Nambucca Valley president Andy Johnston said it took some juggling and reconfiguring of the ground but it was worth it to see about 150 kids playing.

“We really just had to bite the bullet on the Friday night and make the decision to play,” Johnston said.

“We also maximised the space we have at the ground. We were able to use the high side of the fields and use the areas that were drier than others.

“The venue is run by a committee of the venue users and we consult with them before we use it. We really appreciate the support we get from the other users, particularly Little A’s.”

Once the green light was given, Nambucca Valley stalwart Trent Baade spent more than two hours at the Playing Fields on Saturday morning working out where to place the multiple grounds needed for Auskick as well as when the Youth Girls 14s and under-11s mixed matches are played at the same time.

Both clubs walked away with two wins each on an enjoyable day. The ground for the under-15s was smaller than what is usually used but ensuring a game of football went ahead was considered more important than playing on a full sized ground.

Northern Beaches president Craig Christie said there was a lot of work that went on behind the scenes.

“The day was a result of some really good collaboration between the clubs,” Christie said.

“It was obviously well received by the players and the parents who were appreciative of being able to play and that created a really positive atmosphere that the matches were played in across all age groups.

“We were all very happy with being able to play and for the players it was good to get some continuity after some of the interruptions earlier in the season.”

Match Results

Youth Girls 14s – Northern Beaches 14.8 (92) def Nambucca Valley 11.6 (72)

Under-11s – Northern Beaches 8.12 (60) def Nambucca Valley 0.0 (0)

Under-13s – Nambucca Valley 9.7 (61) def Northern Beaches 0.1 (1)

Under-15s – Nambucca Valley 14.12 (96) def Northern Beaches 9.4 (58)