Draft experts rate Angus’ prospects

Completing the agility test at the Draft Combine in Coffs.


The following article was posted on the “Aussie Rules Draft Central” website, rating Angus Anderson’s greatest attributes and draft prospects.

POSITION: Inside Midfielder

SNAPSHOT: “A big-bodied inside midfielder who thrives at the contest with imposing size and clean hands, and runs out games well.”

Sydney Swans Academy captain Angus Anderson has put his hat in the ring for AFL Draft contention this year, on the back of a journey spanning three states and a wealth of experiences. The Sawtell native spent a preseason with VFL side, Southport Sharks on the Gold Coast in 2021 after impressing with the Northern Heat, recapturing the Swans’ attention. Based six hours away from the academy base, he did his fair share of travelling and remote learning when it came to football, which was rewarded with a draft combine invite come season’s end. The inside midfielder also impressed on-field, turning out for the Swans Academy and VFL team, while also earning Allies squad selection. Anderson’s contested game and work rate are among the strengths which have helped him stand out among his peers.

Completing the vertical jump test at the Draft Combine in Coffs.


+ Contested game
+ Clean hands
+ Clearances
+ Work rate
+ Size


– Versatility
– Composure

A player whose greatest impact is made at the contest, Anderson’s size and clean hands make for a couple of dominant inside traits. He is well developed at 188cm and 85kg, able to hold his own against most players his age when it comes to strength, but he is not as reliant on that factor as others are. With one-touch handling, he complements his braun with useful finesse and skill in contested situations and is able to either dish off quickly, or pump clearances away.

While the inside traits are obvious, arguably Anderson’s greatest asset is his work-rate. It comes two-fold, applying to his ethic both on and off the field. On-field, Anderson is able to work around the ground, tackle hard and run out games strongly. Off-field, he has been made to grow exponentially as a young man living away from home and racking up plenty of hours on the road just to train and play. That kind of desire does not go unnoticed, and it is little wonder he was named the Swans Academy captain.

Looking at his areas of growth, Anderson is one who is working on his versatility as a midfielder. Given his size, he is looking to have a greater impact up forward and around the ground, developing his outside game and ability to pinch-hit in attack. With a solid running capacity and capabilities on the inside, adding more strings to his bow will help him become a well-rounded player who can impact games in diverse ways – of course, without taking too much away from his original strengths.

As is often the case with inside types, Anderson can also work on his composure and disposal execution. Given he finds so much ball at the contest, he can sometimes be caught in a rush to get rid of it. He moves quite well for his size and is quite clean, so can use those traits to greater effect instead of flicking off handballs straight away or not steadying as much as possible before kicking. Much of his work is done facing forward too, so he has the potential to be more damaging with the ball.

Completing the sprint test at the Draft Combine in Coffs.



Sydney will be delighted that a player of Anderson’s standing has come on so strongly, having had intermittent contact with the academy over the years but gained great experience with VFL and NAB League clubs. His work rate is undeniable and as skipper of the Swans Under 19s, Anderson is his club’s leading academy product in 2021. He was the only one to earn a combine invite and could become the latest in a long line of successful graduates somewhere later among the intake.