Thanks to key workers for looking after others

Everyone associated with AFL North Coast extends their heartfelt thanks to frontline workers everywhere that are helping others in these most challenging of times.

Growing up as kids, most people have a “hero” within footy that they look up to and aspire to be like. Whether it be because of the goals he or she kicks, the way they fend other players off, the speccys they take, or just because of their haircut, we look upon these players as heroes.

As we get older we start to place more emphasis on heroic acts that happen on the footy field. The player who backs into a pack or takes a mark running with the flight of the ball. The player who constantly puts his or her head over the ball with no thought for their own safety, or the player who battles on through the pain of serious injury and keeps putting their body on the line.

Whilst these acts are undoubtedly heroic within the context of a footy match, we’re all gaining an appreciation for courage in other walks of life.

Like the doctors, nurses, all other workers in the health sector, and our emergency services personnel who keep fronting up to work in the midst of this pandemic, risking their own health and wellbeing to look after those of us who are seriously ill. To them we say thanks for putting our needs ahead of your own.

Like the essential frontline workers in places such as supermarkets, butchers shops, bakeries, fruit and veg shops, petrol stations, banks, postal staff, and all other retail outlets that are ensuring that we have access to the necessities. To them we say thanks for ensuring that we have everything we need to get through these times of self isolation.

And the tradies who keep showing up to job sites to ensure that not only are new builds going ahead, but that issues with electricity, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning are resolved as quickly as possible. To them we say thanks for resolving these issues so that life can continue on as normally as possible.

So, to all essential frontline workers we say a sincere thank you for putting our needs ahead of your own safety on a daily basis. This in itself is a real act of heroism.

Many of these people are members of our own AFL North Coast family and we say a special thanks to them. We’re looking forward to the end of social distancing and the resumption of footy so we can say thanks personally to these heroes.