Who are the best forwards of the last 10 years?

You’ve given us your thoughts on backs and midfielders, now we want to know who you think should be in the forward line for the Team of the Decade.

They’re often the lairs with the tightest shorts and brightly coloured boots, but a team can’t win if doesn’t kick goals.

Whether it’s clunking the big pack mark, crumbing the pack and snapping the impossible goal, or kicking truly from the boundary line where the angle’s so tight it looks the ball will get stuck between the posts, every team needs quality forwards.

Go to the AFL North Coast Facebook page and give us your thoughts on the best forwards from the past 10 years.

In the near future we’ll be looking for feedback on the coach and captain so keep an eye on Facebook to have your say.

The Team of the Decade will be announced at an event on 15 March 2020.