Volunteer Hero of the week – Carla Nieuwerth

In this weekly off-season feature we profile a club recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award to highlight the incredible work our volunteers do so that others can enjoy their footy.

This week’s Volunteer Hero is Carla Nieuwerth from the Northern Beaches Blues Juniors where she is the club Treasurer, Registrar, and Secretary, helps in the canteen, is a Team Manager and occasional Ground Manager.

What do you love about volunteering?

Seeing the kids enjoy themselves and the people you meet that you may not have otherwise.

What’s your favourite volunteering moment?

Seeing the looks on the kids faces when they get something for the first time, like marking a ball they didn’t expect to or kicking a goal. This year it was looking out over the club on presentation day and realising how we much we’ve grown over the last couple of years (need a new venue next year!)

What skills has volunteering helped you to develop?

Patience with working with a group of men! LOL! Pleased that there are now a few more women involved in the club as it means that people are seeing that AFL is for both genders.

How does your club support new volunteers?

Everyone supports one another – it’s a team approach.  We have just formally introduced a new Coaching  Co-ordinator position to assist with the club growth and help new coaching volunteers.  We also have our Volunteer Co-ordinator role to support all volunteers.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about volunteering?

Please do it.  We have roles as small or large as you wish depending on your available time, skills, and experience. You get to meet people you wouldn’t normally meet and be involved in your child’s interests.

In what areas will your club be looking for help in 2020?

Everything from coaching assistance, to canteen, to club secretary (we try to share that role so it’s not overwhelming for any one person).

We have a few new committee members this year which is fantastic, but we also encourage everyone to get involved. Meetings are open to all club members, you don’t need to hold an official role to come along and hear what’s happening or to put forward your thoughts.

What do you love most about your footy club?

The community feel and laid back attitude. We rebuilt the Junior club from very small numbers over the last few years and are now transitioning to a larger club again – but l hope we can keep that feeling.

The Northern Beaches Blues Juniors can be contacted at northernbeachesblues@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer or need info on any other aspect of the club.