Volunteer Hero of the week – Mik Rolfe

Mik Rolfe with Rocket.

In this weekly off-season feature we profile a club recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award to highlight the incredible work our volunteers do so that others can enjoy their footy.

This week’s Volunteer Hero is Mik Rolfe from the Port Macquarie Magpies Seniors where he is the club President.

What do you love about volunteering?

Being able to give back to the football club and reduce the load of some of our clubs long term volunteers.

What’s your favourite volunteering moment?

Just getting teams out on the field each weekend and seeing everyone enjoying the sport.

What skills has volunteering helped you to develop?

Leadership skills, time management, communication. All useful skills for any walk of life.

How does your club support new volunteers?

All volunteers are welcome and no contribution is too small. If training is required the club arranges this.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about volunteering?

Giving back to the club is rewarding, there are many things that happen behind the scenes to run a football club, just ask what you can do!

In what areas will your club be looking for help in 2020?

General committee members to support the club’s Executive. Game day assistance such as goal umpires, time keepers, and canteen assistance.

What do you love most about your footy club?

The supportive environment. It’s like a big family. Seeing new players join the club and how welcome they are made to feel so quickly.

The Port Macquarie Magpies Seniors can be contacted at portmacaflmagpies@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer or need info on any other aspect of the club.