Volunteer Hero of the week – Milo Bowd

In this weekly off-season feature we profile a club recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award to highlight the incredible work our volunteers do so that others can enjoy their footy.

This week’s Volunteer Hero is Milo Bowd from the Bellingen Bulldogs where she is the President, First Aid Co-ordinator, and Manager of several teams.

What do you love about volunteering?

Being an active part of a fantastic family friendly club. Getting to meet new people through the club and the greater football community.

What’s your favourite volunteering moment?

Organising the Bulldogs Presentation day and seeing how much the kids enjoy celebrating their season and their achievements.

What skills has volunteering helped you to develop?

People skills, organisational skills, problem solving, and a greater understanding of the rules of AFL.

How does your club support new volunteers?

All volunteers are introduced to roles with mentors who are their to support them. We provide all the required resources and endeavour to make volunteering as fun and engaging as possible.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about volunteering?

100% you should do it!

In what areas will your club be looking for help in 2020?

Any club with volunteers is always looking for new, enthusiastic people with fresh ideas. I think family and friends feel more engaged with the club the more they are involved.

“Many hands make light work”, whether that be a position on the committee, running water during the game or doing a shift in the canteen.

There are numerous ways people can help at club level.

What do you love most about your footy club?

It’s a very family friendly club and people are proud to be part of the “Doggies” family.

The Bellingen Bulldogs can be contacted at bellingenbulldogs@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer or need info on any other aspect of the club.