Policies & Forms

AFL North Coast Competition By-Laws 2017

These are the By-Laws which govern all aspects of the AFL North Coast Senior and Junior Competitions. These By-Laws are based on the standard state version with AFL North Coast Local Conditions shown in blue boxes.

AFL North Coast Finals Venue Selection Policy February 2017

This policy outlines the basis upon which venues will be selected to stage matches during the Finals Series. This policy includes separate sections addressing the requirements of the Junior and Senior competitions.

AFL North Coast Finals Player Eligibility Policy February 2017

This policy outlines the conditions under which players are eligible to participate in the Finals Series. This policy includes separate sections addressing the requirements of the Junior and Senior competitions.

AFL North Coast Awards Policy February 2017

This policy outlines the basis upon which awards will be presented in the 2017 season. This policy includes separate information for both the Junior and senior competitions.

State and Territory Tribunal Guidelines 2017

The State & Territory Tribunal Guidelines establish the tribunal and appeal process with respect to on-field reportable offences (and replace the National Match Tribunal Guidelines).

Laws of Australian Football 2016

These Laws explain how a Match of Australian Football is played and seek to attain the following objectives:

(a) to ensure that the game of Australian Football is played in a fair manner and a spirit of true sportsmanship; and
(b) to prevent injuries to Players participating in a Match so far as this objective can be reasonably achieved in circumstances where Australian Football is a body contact sport.

AFL National Player Transfer Regulations (October 2016)

These Regulations operate as an agreement between and amongst all Football Bodies across Australia and elite, State, Territory, and community based Leagues for players moving between Leagues both intrastate and interstate.

AFL Player & Official National Deregistration Policy (October 2016)

This De-registration policy has been developed to provide a risk management framework and policy basis for community football administrators to recognise a duty of care with respect to Players and Officials who could pose an unacceptable risk to other Players and Officials.

Australian Football Match Policy February 2016

This document came into effect in February 2016 and has replaced the Junior Football Match Guide. This is the AFL guideline for the conduct of Australian Football for players aged 5 to 18 years.
Match Policy Rules Grid

Ground Manager Role Statement and Checklist November 2015

The Ground Manager role is the key figure on match day for ensuring that the ground and facilities are set up in accordance with the By-Laws, and for ensuring that people at the ground comply with the behavioural standards as set out in the Code of Conduct. There are two documents that relate to the role of Ground Manager:

  1. Ground Manager Role Statement – articulates the expectations and responsibilities of the role pre-match, during the match, post match, and in general.
  2. Game Day Checklist 2015 – provides a checklist to be followed by the Ground Manager to ensure that all tasks are completed.

Game Day Checklist

Charter of Operation October 2015

The Charter of Operation sets out the Committee structure and processes that govern the day to day operations of the Junior and Senior Competition Management Committees (CMCs).

AFL NSWACT Sports Trainer Policy May 2011

The safety of participants is paramount, therefore it is important that adequate and timely first aid is provided. This policy outlines the requirements for providing first aid for all levels of football matches played in NSW and the ACT.

AFL NSWACT Vilification and Discrimination Policy November 2012

This document establishes the means of redress for players and officials aggrieved by what they reasonably consider to be vilification or discrimination based on their individuality.

AFL Helmets & Mouthguards Position Statement July 2012

This document summarises the evidence in relation to both helmets and mouthguards to assist individuals to make an informed decision on their use.

AFL North Coast Constitution December 2015

The Rules of the Association (Constitution) specifies the governance model under which AFL North Coast conducts its business.

AFL North Coast Alcohol Management Policy

AFL North Coast Infectious Diseases Policy

AFL North Coast Media Policy

AFL North Coast Risk Management Policy

AFL NSW/ACT Child Protection Policy

This policy document aims to provide a safe environment for people under the age of 18 years to enjoy their involvement in AFL.

AFL Community Club

Visit www.aflcommunityclub.com.au for news and information on all aspects of community football including: playing, coaching, umpiring, club administration and volunteer management.

Codes of Conduct – AFL North Coast

The AFL North Coast Executive would like to remind all officials, players, coaches, parents and supporters of their duty to abide by the AFL North Coast codes of conduct.

Club and Player Insurance Cover

* For contact details and information relating to the AFL North Coast Club and Player insurance cover, please visit JLT Sport.

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