Launch of the South West Rocks Dockers

The growth in popularity of AFL across the Macleay Valley has led to the formation of the South West Rocks Dockers club.

South West Rocks local Mark Plummer was behind the idea but he credits the community support for the development of the club.

“When I first mentioned the idea of forming a club to the CEO of the South West Rocks Country Club David Cunningham, his reply was ‘this is a fantastic idea, we the Country Club, will get right behind that, that’s what we are here for, supporting kids and the community’.”

The response from Cunningham along with the increasing willingness from juniors in the area to participate in the sport, encouraged Plummer to follow through with the creation of the club.

Plummer is confident the formation of the Dockers will herald the beginning of a healthy rivalry with the Macleay Valley Eagles.

“The Macleay will now be represented by two clubs and it will allow for more juniors to play the sport,” Plummer said.

“The two sides will face off and over time a rivalry will be built.”

The Dockers will field an Under 11 team in their inaugural year but plans are in place to be represented in further age groups in the near future.

The Dockers already have nine registered players for the upcoming season and Plummer says the participant numbers are increasing at training every week.

Matches in the AFL North Coast Junior Competition are played on Sunday mornings.

Plummer expressed his appreciation towards everyone involved in the formation of the club, including the South West Rocks Public School’s principal Cliff Peachman who didn’t hesitate in throwing his support behind the proposed Dockers club.

“Mr Peachman penned a letter to the AFL recommending the formation of the local club,” Plummer said.

“With a good committee and strong leadership, the South West Rocks Dockers should go from strength to strength.”

For more information on the Dockers contact Mark Plummer on 0411 613 764.